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The effect of organic brown rice on people with diabetes - Felix Chai - NewZealand | 08/05/2014

Hi Kim,

Our vision is to help people get healthy, particular in Obesity, Diabetes and Lowering Bad cholesterol.

To be honest with you this is our new venture. My background is mechanical engineer and we operate our own business for 10 years in the trading of industrial equipment. 

The idea of this new venture came about after we changed our diet from eating white rice to mixed grain and brown rice about 1-2 years ago. My family has diabetes and cholesterol problem, and I was told that all my uncles have it and not one could cure it by having exercise. They all have to take the pills to control, my grandma died of diabetes. Thanks to my wife who changed our diet and we now have low sugar, consume only whole organic produce whenever possible, even our day to day detergent and shampoos are organic based. I’d went for medical check up, my cholesterol, blood sugar all came down to a very safe very safe level. We taught my mother, my father in law and they all see a big change in their cholesterol and blood sugar. We are very excited to share this around. So we thought we will start a business that not only help others but also help the environment. 

In New Zealand, the organic certification is very strict, so in future we plan to apply as many products that we sell certified by New Zealand organic association as we possibly can. We have sourced local grains organically grown. We believe the major ingredient in these grain that help lowered blood sugar and cholesterol are the hull. Thus it’s important to consume brown rice rather than white rice which are packed with carbon hydrate and without the fibre to dissolve it.

We will be marketing our own brand and supply to local organic shop and throughout supermarket in the country. Instead of selling products, our focus is to provide health advice service through our website and at the meantime selling products that will target these 3 major health problem we have in our society.

We are still in the gathering our supply chain stage. And it would be awesome to include your produce as what you did benefit both human and the environment.

I got your contact from google search. Tried 5-6 times on many emails related to your products and this one finally gets through.


felix Chai