Eating a high-fiber diet is linked with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, according to new research that analyzed 25 different studies. Total fiber intake, as well as fiber from whole grains and from cereals, was most strongly linked with a reduction in colorectal cancer risk, the researchers say. The evidence was weaker for fiber from fruits, vegetables, […]

The hoasuafoods organic milk powder – natural without allergy

Infant immune system is still weak and incomplete forms , which is the main reason why a majority of children with milk allergy in which the main ingredient is milk . In order to choose the best alternative to animal milk , rice milk nutrition organic – HoaSuaFoods contain natural ingredients from the best , […]

Scientists find compound in brown rice reduces diabetic nerve and vascular damage

Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and Institute of Neuroscience at the Medical College of Georgia found that when they soaked brown rice overnight before feeding it to laboratory animals, the moisture reactivated the grain’s ASG, a compound that helps rice seeds grow. It turns out that ASG helps normalize enzyme and blood […]