Long time ago, our ancestors have used tea as a necessity of life . Especially during the holidays , green tea was selected as an elegant gift courtesy and health benefits .


Many scientific studies show that tea can fight many diseases and even increase longevity . In particular , in tea leaf contains over 300 chemical ingredients beneficial to the body , can resist oxidation , anti -bacterial , anti-obesity , Tanin and absorb toxins . However, environmental pollution and substance abuse as now, tea was accidentally infected banned substances such as pesticides , the toxicity caused serious impacts on the health of users.

According to the report findings presented at the Conference of the Organization times 240 scientific studies at Boston Americans , scientists have discovered a great use of black rice with ingredients powerful antioxidant , there are many times higher anthocyanin blue berry fruit ( blueberries Vietnam ) , grapes , grapefruit … very good work in supporting cancer , heart disease , diabetes , gout , weight loss and other diseases



Hibiscus flower with the main ingredient is Vitamin C , antioxidants Flavonoids rare poison effect , reduces liver damage , balance blood pressure , improve cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of death from the disease cardiovascular .

With the input of raw materials from nature : wild black rice ( legendary black wild rice ) , organic oolong tea , hibicus , stevia , organic purification tea HoaSuaFoods provide tremendous benefits to the health of users . Product highlights are not chemical substances and residues containing combinations of antioxidants , anthocyanins , vitamin C , flavonoids , phenols Poly … the consortium to support the circulation in the body , push the circuit ‘s operation blood vessels , helps prevent bruising , enhance immune function to the body , particularly anthocyanin antioxidants can strongly penetrate the blood brain barrier and reduce cholesterol .

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In addition, organic purification tea also supports and helps the body excrete toxins , reduce uric acid , weight loss , cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels stable .

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