Infant immune system is still weak and incomplete forms , which is the main reason why a majority of children with milk allergy in which the main ingredient is milk .

The hoasuafoods organic milk powder – natural without allergy

In order to choose the best alternative to animal milk , rice milk nutrition organic – HoaSuaFoods contain natural ingredients from the best , non-allergenic and perfectly meet the body’s nutrition . The main component of the organic rice milk nutrition including organic black wild rice ( forbidden rice ) and natural as soy beans , green beans , red beans , rice milk nutrition . Organic wild black rice known as super food sources originated long , used for ancient kings , contain anthocyanins , IP6 , tocopherol , vitamin B1 is a powerful antioxidant.

The hoasuafoods organic milk powder – natural without allergy

Therefore, organic rice milk nutrition HoaSuaFoods work provides a rich source of protein , weight gain and support the immune system in young children . Furthermore, organic rice milk nutrition is also a great source of nutrition for obesity , diabetes , cardiovascular , ischemic , gout , cancer support , balance blood pressure, liver damage …

Also, with abundant sources of fiber in wild black rice ingredients , nutritional rice milk very good support in reducing constipation , reduce bad cholesterol in the blood , anti- atherosclerosis , preventing cells unusual development …

The hoasuafoods organic milk powder – natural without allergy

Nutrition organic rice milk are also recommended for pregnant women . With abundant sources of iron extracted from wild black rice , beans, natural foods full synthetic hemoglobin in red blood cells , iron supplements , and should be the most important reserves . According to scientific research , while iron deficiency will lead to pregnant women with anemia , dizziness , lightheadedness , easy to miscarriage , premature birth , can even be fatal for mother and child



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